December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

written by Rosa Morgan

Salutations Gentle Reader,
With expectations spent and wrapping paper littering the front parlor, the day after Christmas is so often anti-climactic. Instead, let us embrace the customs of Boxing Day and enjoy an extension of the holidays.

Boxing Day goes back to the early Christian era when metal boxes placed outside churches were used to collect special offerings tied to the Feast of Saint Stephen. And just as King Wenceslas, went out on this day to give offerings to those less fortunate, so can you.

As lords and ladies of olden days once gave Christmas boxes to the manor's servants, please give consideration to those who've rendered you services year round. The milkman will duly appreciate your generosity.

Sports of all descriptions are associated with this day. Whether it's prize fighting, rugby, or ice hockey, do amble outdoors and participate in some type of physical exertion or team spirit. I, myself, enjoy a rigorous walk amongst nature.

Cook has experienced long days in the kitchen with extravagant holiday dinners and cookie baking; show your appreciation for her labors by eating leftovers, or better yet, massage the poor soul's weary feet and take her out for dinner.

Assess those gifts piled high in corners that you want to return, but do not rush to market on this day, as so many of your eager brethren plan to do. Instead, spend the time writing a thank you letter to those who sent you the over-sized tea cozy or dried out treacle pudding.

We so often rush headlong toward Christmas with unreasonable fantasies and when they fail to materialize wonder why we are depressed. On this Boxing Day, sit back, have a cup of hot tea and scone and promise yourself that next year you'll enjoy the simple joys of the season.

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