December 10, 2012

Lenore & Archibald's First Christmas Tree

written by Rosa Morgan

Lenore stood on the underground train as it rattled it's way to Paddington station. It was one of those dreary London mornings shrouded in fog when all the men in her cabin displayed not a shred of chivalry and continued to read their newspapers rather than offer her a seat.

Shrugging away the insult, she took the opportunity to peruse their papers and to her delight came upon the latest edition of the Illustrated London News. There on its cover was the royal family gathered round their live Christmas tree. She had heard that several years before the German Prince Albert had introduced the tradition to his wife, Queen Victoria, and she had embraced the custom each year at Windsor Castle. If only Archibald would agree, Lenore was certain it would be a glorious sight to behold in her bay window.

 And so that night when they were enjoying much frivolity at 
the parson's house, Archibald playfully led Lenore directly under the mistletoe. Though she longed to kiss his warm lips, she giggled and squirmed like a schoolgirl, saying she would bestow him a kiss on one condition: if they could procure an evergreen. Archibald laughed merrily, readily agreeing, for he had already thought of buying one as a surprise for her.

With the very next day having seen several feet of snowfall, Archibald arranged a sleigh ride into the countryside and to their mutual delight they found their tree.

 Their Tannenbaum was not an eight foot fir like the royals enjoyed, but rather a tiny spruce. However when it was alight with tapers and tinsel and homemade paper chains encircled its branches, it became the perfect tree.

Wishing You Good Tidings this Season!

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