March 20, 2013

Art & the Victorian Cottage Garden

written by Rosa Morgan

Salutations, Gentle Reader, Spring's Vernal Equinox has arrived and it presents the ideal time to stroll through a few choice gardens captured forever by talented Victorian painters. Enjoy!

Charles Hunt's painting, Behind the Hollyhocks depicts the flower's tall stems and multiple blooms as an essential addition to the cottage garden. Thomas Jefferson cultivated a dark red one at his plantation, Monticello.

Charles Courtney Curran delightfully captured this young woman in his painting Blue Delphiniums. The flowers are also known as Larkspur because their spur is the shape of a lark's hind toe.

What a treat this little girl is enjoying in Rose Mary Barton's watercolor, Grandpa's Garden. 

Charles Walbourn's father initially disapproved of him leading the life of an artist. Thankfully he persevered and painted many landscapes including The Country Garden.

 You can practically smell the flowers in the French painter, James Jacques Joseph Tissot's painting, The Garden Bench.

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