February 14, 2014

Victorian Valentine Gifts

written by: Rosa Morgan Valentine's Day is upon us and woe is the lover who has not considered procuring a gift to express their affection. A card is always appreciated and one cannot go amiss with cupids and lace.Consider the Love Token. Ready at hand is a coin to smooth flat and hand engrave. The Liberty Seated dine is a popular denomination as the silver is a softer metal than a nickle or copper cent. Engrave your initials and that of your beloved.Hair is not only for mourning jewellery. Verily, brooches in gold with pearls or precious stones are apropos to hold a lock from you or your loved one. Hair is the perfect medium to represent enduring love as it does not rot away.

For sailors far away at sea, crafting a Valentine from shells with a loving sentiment would be greatly appreciated. But if you are too busy holystoning the decks then you can acquire while on shore-leave on the island of Barbados where their creation is a cottage industry.

Prince Albert was especially generous to his dear wife, Queen Victoria. This gold and enamel necklace contained 44 teeth from stags hunted on the royal estate at Balmoral. A bit gruesome for some tastes, but Victoria cherished it.

 Do not despair if you have not the funds for any of these gifts, for the most precious of Valentines is your own heartfelt words. A letter describing the attributes of your loved one will be cherished and most certain to bring a tear of joy to her eye.


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