August 16, 2014

Exercise Your Way to Good Health

written by Rosa Morgan

Ladies, do you suffer from insomnia, constipation, or hysteria? Do you wile away the hours with inactivity or faint with the slightest of exertions? Then exercise is for you! 

Human powered treadmills originated 4,000 years ago to lift buckets, and after that they were used at mills to grind grain, but now they are available to achieve good health. Just look how much fun these stylishly dressed ladies are having.

Indian clubs are a great way to enhance your coordination and build up arm muscles. Coming in various sizes and weights, these clubs are so popular they will be featured in the 1904 Olympics.

Nothing beats the Molby for straightening the spine, so why not give it a try?

Ten minutes of climbing on the bars is sure to bring rosiness to your cheeks and stimulation to the digestive system. 

Hooray for this young woman, she's showing the boys how to stay fit.

A unique substitute for horse riding with all its health giving properties. It guarantees a complete cure for obesity, hysteria, and gout.

Just strap yourself in and Dr. Gustav Zander's massaging machine will relax and rejuvenate you.  

Exercise is the true fountain of youth and now you too can reap its benefits.  But take care in your efforts, the constitution must be coaxed not strained.

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