September 13, 2014

The Language of Flowers: A to Z

written by Rosa Morgan

"The interpreters of our sweetest sentiments, flowers lend their charms even to love- to that pure and chaste affection, which as Plato observes, is an inspiration from the gods."
The Sentiment of Flowers - 1840

Anemone - Expectation 

Bachelor's Button - I with the morning's love have oft made sport.
Calla Feminine Modesty

Dahlia - Forever Thine

Elder - Compassion

Fir - Time

Geranium - Envy

Heartsease - Forget Me Not

Ivy - Friendship

Jonquil - I desire a return of affection

Lady's Slipper - Capricious Beauty

Mimosa - Sensitiveness

Nettle - Slander

Orange Blossom - Your purity equals your loveliness.

Periwinkle - Pleasures of Memory

Quamoclit - Busy body

Ranunculus - I am dazzled by your charms

Snapdragon - Presumption

Thyme - Activity

Verbena - Sensibility

Woodbine - Fraternal Love

Yarrow - To Cure

Zinnia - Absence

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