May 16, 2011

Beatrix Potter & Friends

Written by Rosa Morgan

Beatrix looked up from her writing desk just in time to see a blue coated rabbit knock over the ink onto her dress. "Peter Rabbit, this is my Sunday-go-to meeting dress, and that was my last bottle of ink!" she chided.
"I thought it might be something good to eat," he offered as an apology.
"Your appetite shall be the end of you. Didn't you learn your lesson in Mr. McGreggor's garden when you got caught under his gate?"

Unable to devise an excuse on so short a notice, Peter wiggled his whiskers as endearingly as he could manage.
"That will not do," Beatrix reprimanded. "I love you dearly and do not want you ending up in someone's rabbit stew."
The imagery proved too harsh for Peter. "I have a stomach ache," he complained.

Lady Mouse curtsied beside the teacup. "Peter, you shall soon be put right as rain with some chamomile tea. And perhaps you'd like a scone to go with it."

"And I shall launder your dress, dear Beatrix," Mrs. Tiggy- Winkle announced, dipping her paws into soapy water. "It's the least we can do for you."
Beatrix sat back, enjoying a hearty laugh at her friends' antics. Readers would be shocked to know that in her youth she killed and dissected these very animals in pursuit of science and art. Rest assured, she had long ago put away the cages and scalpels, satisfied to create her dear little creatures with only pen and ink. They now warmed her heart and kept her company, as she hoped they would yours. 


  1. I do love the delicate images by Beatrix Potter of Peter and all of his friends.

  2. Thanks, Chloe, and I love your blog, it's very pretty.