April 2, 2012

George Eliot & George Henry Lewes: Soulmates

written by Rosa MorganGeorge Henry Lewes:
"Dawn's morning light kissed my beloved's face as she lay sleeping. In repose, gone was the tension that so often furrowed her brow and burdened her heart. Mary Anne did not have a conventional beauty, in fact her father considered her not likely to ever marry and thus put more than usual effort into her education, but in my eyes she was the most beautiful woman in the world, both inside and out."

Mary Anne Evans, alias, George Eliot: "I awoke to find George lovingly observing me; his eyes caressing every curve of my body. It was not a conventional life we led, nor an easy one at that, but I have often said, adventure is not outside man; it is within."

George Henry Lewes:"My life is a tangled web. Long ago, my wife and I agreed to an open marriage, but because she had several children fathered by other men and I signed my name to their birth certificate, I am considered a party to her adultery and cannot receive a divorce. Thus, dear Mary Anne is wife in my heart only and must bear the rebuff of polite society."

Mary Anne Evans:
"I chose the nom de plume, George Eliot, for several reasons.
First it is a sad fact that the works of women authors are not taken seriously, and secondly, I did not want the public to probe into the details of my life. George is
my soul-mate, we are compatible with one another in disposition and sensibilities, and if the cost of our union is my family shunning me, then I will pay it."

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