April 16, 2012

Lenore & Archibald decorate the Front Parlor

written by Rosa Morgan 
With the newly-wedded couple preparing to hold their first fete, the Sullivan house was turned topsy-turvy, and the two lovebirds were once again at cross-purposes.
Lenore spat the words out, "But Archibald, it will be scandalous if we lack enough seating for our guests."
The young man could not understand how his timid fiance had turned into a shrew of a wife. He shot back, "We must keep rein on our finances. I suggest we utilize the dressing bench from our bedchamber for the front parlor. It will suffice for the one night."
Lenore's eyes rolled back in horror. "That tattered old thing your mother discarded! Nay, I insist we buy two Wingback chairs to front the fireplace. My father detests pesky drafts, and their side arms will keep him comfortably warm."
Having recently accepted a position in his father-in-law's counting house, Archibald could not refuse this argument.

Then throwing caution to the wind, he proclaimed, "What say you to purchasing a gate-leg table? It is a quite versatile piece; either folding up it's drop-leafs to economize on space, or extending it to seat more."

Her husband's words moved her deeply. "My dearest most considerate Archibald, I think that splendid, indeed. And while we are at it, why not acquire a clock for the mantle. Percival's Emporium has an extraordinary shipment of rosewood timepieces from Seth Thomas. The chimes are music to the ear."

They embraced and danced about the room with Archibald proclaiming, "I want only the best for my dear little wife. I dare say, a new teapoy to hold your tea accouterments would make you the most acclaimed hostess, and an invitation to your soiree, the most coveted of the season."
"One with cabriole legs?" Lenore asked hopefully.
"The more ornate the better!"

Despite the sun shining and the shades open wide, the two fell upon the settee in rapturous abandon, and had it not been for the butler's intrusion, who knows what may have transpired.

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