June 9, 2018

Between Wind & Water- My Latest Novel!!

When a vessel's hull below the water line is exposed by rolling or wave action, that part of the ship is particularly susceptible to damage. This condition is called being between wind and water.

When a person is in a dangerous situation, whether it's physical or emotional, they too are between wind and water.

My heroine, Abigail, who has led a silent life of desperation in her long and lonely marriage, finds herself in such jeopardy when she leaves her desolate homestead in the Texas panhandle and moves to Galveston.

The island off the coast of Texas is a colorful place to live, especially in the year 1898. This was Galveston's Golden era with its cotton port being one of the largest in the country.

Successful businessmen built their ostentatious homes on Broadway.

Like Walter Gresham's Castle, now known as Bishop's Palace. 

Dozens of seamstresses plied their trade in Galveston, but Abigail was a cut above her competitors. The city's high society was soon knocking at her door. 

Miss Bettie Brown of Ashton Villa became her most loyal patron.

With a thriving business, Abigail was still missing that element of life that is so very important for happiness. Love. Never could she have imagined that elusive treasure would be residing just across the street. Sebastian, a recently widowed English gentleman is as lonely as Abigail. Soon they find themselves in a passionate love affair. Their path to happiness is not an easy one, for Abigail's cruel and boorish husband, Otto, is unwilling to let her go. She quickly learns she has no rights only wrongs.

Reading Between Wind and Water, is like peeking behind a curtain of an old Victorian house. You may see differences in the mores of yesteryear, but the struggles and desires of the heart remain the same as today.

I invite you to go on an island adventure. You'll discover the rich tapestry and colorful characters of Galveston history and find out what measures our dear Abigail takes to finally have her true love.

April 20, 2018

Anatomy of a Victorian

Wonderful things happen when you listen to your heart and follow your passions. Last summer, I traveled to England and visited the beautiful houses that are part of the National Trust. Walking through these historical rooms and photographing them is one of my favorite things to do. The difference this time was that I took a book of watercolor paper and a pen and started drawing at the houses and from my photographs.
I was struck by a creative passion that had me doing a drawing each day.

When I got home, I was still so excited to have discovered this newfound passion and so I had the idea to draw the interior rooms of my own historical home and then to do a whole body of work that would have the viewer walk through all the rooms of a Victorian house. My love for Victoriana then inspired me to write a poem for each drawing. Thus image and pen married and birthed The Anatomy of a Victorian.

Thrilled that when someone saw the drawings they felt the same joy I feel for Victorian houses and they liked my quirky style, I knew I wanted to show them in a historical setting. It was simply happenstance when I ran into a friend, whose house just happened to be on this year's Galveston Historical House Tour!

I hope some of you readers can go on the house tour, it will be at 3528 Ave. P on the first two weekends of May, but if you can't I'm working on a book which will show all the work of the exhibit and I'll be selling prints.
And I also hope to find another historical museum or house to show the work in.

warm regards,

December 14, 2017

Poor Old Blog

Salutations dear Readers,

I've neglected my blog because life happens and also my creative pursuits are spent on other avenues.

I'm writing feverishly on three novels. The latest one, "Between Wind and Water" will be published in 2018! A quick teaser for this 1898 Galveston Tale:

Stuck in a loveless marriage for thirty years, Abigail is desperate to escape. Her chance comes when she moves to Galveston. Her tailoring business thrives amongst high society, and a passionate love affair unfolds with an English sea captain.

At last she’s found happiness, but what happens when she realizes she has no rights, only wrongs? What measures will she take to possess the love she’s longed for?

I'm doing lots of photography, often focusing on the Victorian architecture that our island has: You can find it at https://www.instagram.com/oldgalvestonhouse/

And my latest endeavor is pen and ink drawings. I'll be having an exhibit of my drawings and poetry in the new year. It's titled "Anatomy of a Victorian."

Until then, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and New Year.

Here's a peek at my style of drawing with my Christmas greeting.

December 31, 2016

Victorian New Year's Eve Resolutions

Lenore and Archibald had enjoyed a busy day. They'd attended two balls and danced with exuberance every waltz and quadrille until they could dance no more. Cousin Myra and Aunt Minnie had finally departed after a month's visit and their little ones were tucked in for the night, leaving just the two of them to toast the New Year in. With champagne tickling their noses, they were quite content with the cozy arrangement.

"Dearest, I think 1840 was such a lovely year!" Lenore exclaimed. "We were finally invited to tea with the Vanderbilts and lawn tennis with the DuPonts."

Archibald tweaked his mustache. "Indeed, a brilliant coup. I'm certain the acquisition of our very smart brougham went a long way in elevating our social standing."

Lenore topped off their glasses. "I think we should decide upon our New Year's resolutions. Goals to better ourselves."

"I'll go first," Achibald offered. "I shall forgo my snuff. I think it considered very old fashioned these days. Don't you? Smoking is much preferred. They say it's healthy for the lungs, especially for asthma."

"A pipe?"

"Yes whenever I'm at home. Of course, I'll always ask leave of you to have a smoke. It is the gentlemanly thing to do."

"I'll sew you a fine velvet smoking jacket," Lenore sighed. "One with a satin collar. Or better yet, I'll buy you one on High Street. And slippers too."

"My darling girl, I think you are perfect in every way, so you need not rattle your brain over any resolutions."

"But I've already given this much deliberation. Now that our family is complete..."

"Complete?" Archibald bellowed. "I don't consider nine children the end of it. I'm one of a eleven and by God, I aim to match my father's efforts."

Lenore gave her best pout. "But darling, shall you have me completely worn out before I'm thirty-five?"

"Of course not, my sweetie, but ..."

"Back to my resolution for the year. I plan to tight-lace my corset to reach an enviable 15 inch waist. Dottie has achieved it and I aim to also."

"I've heard it on good authority that corsets constrict the organs."

"That is what smelling salts and a fainting couch are for," Lenore countered.

As the clock struck twelve, Archibald took his wife in his arms gave her a kiss that weakened any resolve she had of curtailing their family.

Lenore smiled contentedly. "Happy New Year's, my love."