October 31, 2014

Victorian Halloween Costumes

guest post by Patrick Sully

As autumn evenings draw in with the approach of winter and we retreat inside to an overstuffed chair pulled close to a crackling fire, our minds may wonder what may be abroad in the darkness, rain, and mists outside.
So for those dear readers who may be drawn to such speculation, and perhaps even may harbour secret tendencies toward the bizarre or ghoulish, I would offer a selection of sights and costumes upon which to feast their senses.

The monster of  Honey Island Swamp and his colleagues, Joe Bootleg and school truant, Mischevious Mike, gathered to plot about their next victims.

The ladies of the knitting club reveal their alter egos as they prepare for an evening of fun and fright.

Daniella, the secret love of Batman's great grandfather, prepares for another night of battling evil and the ne'er-do-wells of the world.

The Pickle Sisters will most certainly present a most sour
challenge to any underworld fiend that may attempt to
perpetrate some dastardly deed upon them.

The Lady in Black awaits nightfall in her old manor house and has found she can haunt so much more effectively when wearing roller skates to traverse the endless hallways.

One must always be aware that the little angels and cherubs of heaven also have their counterparts in the "other" world and are most adept at trickery.

Ortula, a skilled sorceress and maiden of the dark arts may be encountered drifting down darkened village lanes, especially in the vicinity of long abandoned cemeteries.

The Pumpkin Man may sometimes be encountered in the dark edges of village markets, but who knows what dreadful substances may emanate from his pretty wagon.

If you should chance upon some lost sheep, it may just be that Little-Bo-Peep is indulging her other desires and has turned to searching for faint hearted souls to torment. 

Be careful please should you venture out lest some dreadful apparition suddenly appear before you, for there may be no one to hear your shrieks as you hastily stumble to the sanctuary of your home.