August 28, 2015

Men's Millinery

written by Rosa Morgan

What a plethora of millinery to choose from! 

Is it true women fainted at the first sight of a top hat? Men will always look dashing in one, whether it be of beaver fur or silk. 

President Abraham Lincoln preferred the extra tall stovepipe style, which accommodated his important letters tucked inside.

The bowler hat was created in 1849 for the British soldier and politician Edward Coke, but if you are a "City Gent" working in the financial district, then it will suit you to a "T".

The Flat Cap is not just for driving horseless carriages or hunting expeditions. And whether you choose linen for warm weather or tweed for cooler months, you will always look dapperly relaxed.

The flamboyant Oscar Wilde is not the only one who can pull off the look of a fedora! The cape is optional.

And if you are going out for a jaunty stroll, then the straw boater is for you. Don't forget a crisp new collar and a walking stick.

Dear Sirs, there are many more hats to choose from: pork pies, newsboy, trilby, and more, but space and time does not allow further pontification. However, most importantly, always remember to tip your hat when meeting a lady and remove it completely if you stop to talk.