August 6, 2012

In Search of the Perfect Bonnet

written by Rosa Morgan
Today has been a dreadful day with one misfortune on the heels of another. It began when our fiddle-fingered charwoman dropped ashes all over my white damask settee. Then I waited half the morning for Miss Edwina who never arrived for our appointed tea and this after I had gone to great lengths to prepare the trifle I am widely known for. If this was not enough to test the patience of a saint, I discovered our footman pinched the keys to the wine cellar and made off with our best sherry. In order to allay my frazzled nerves and buoy my spirits, my most beloved husband thoughtfully suggested I go out and buy a new hat.

My first stop was at Frost's Millinery Shop on High Street where I found this delightful creation. I am well aware there is an uproar amongst bird lovers over the use of fowl as adornment, but I would argue how many of those detractors are vegetarians?

My next discovery was at the Emporium! This straw hat crowned with the most life-like silk flowers would be perfect for Holy Trinity's summer's fete. I am certain to turn some heads in jealous admiration.

I looked high and low for this winter bonnet featured in Harper's Bazaar and finally found one nearly identical to it. The ostrich plume atop gives it a significant height, the velvet bows bring attention to my elegantly formed forehead and my exquisite ear-bobs, whilst the lace trimming around my neck keeps the whole of it secure during countryside walks on the blustery moor.

At last the perfect acquisition! That's me on the far left and I modestly put forth my bonnet is the best of the Ladies Garden Club. Encircled with a passementerie wreath of posies, it is millinery at its finest.