December 24, 2014

Victorian Christmas

written by Rosa Morgan

Christmas Eve is full of excitement and anticipation for our little ones. There are letters to post to dear friends, wishing them good cheer, and of course there is the very important missive to Santa Claus.

Bright green holly leaves with their cherry red berries are gathered and formed into a wreath for their door and a velvety red ribbon to hang from the knocker.

Together, the youngsters bring home a fine Yule log. Later they'll warm their chilled hands by its roaring flames and roast chestnuts and crumpets.

 Sugar plums and candy canes procured at the sweet shop to share and enjoy.

The list is long:
dolls for sisters,
a spinning top for brother,
a new pipe for father,
and chocolates for mother.
A warm knitted scarf for grandfather and grandmother will be pleased with lace trimmed handkerchiefs.

The Plum pudding needs a sixpence and then a good stir and a wish.

A stocking to hang at the mantle for each boy and girl, another for the faithful doggie and don't forget moggie too.

At last it's time to settle down under a warm woolen quilt with the tree alight and festooned with delights. Let there be wishes for peace and joy to fill everyone's heart.