July 18, 2015

Victorian Mothers Breastfeeding

written by Rosa Morgan

Breastfeeding by the mid-1800s was not only encouraged by doctors as the healthiest method of feeding infants, but it was also a lauded symbol of motherhood and femininity.

Thus as photography became more accessible to the population, so did images of breastfeeding mothers become a fad in the U.S.

However, only a few short decades were to pass when the advent of baby formula brought new attitudes towards breastfeeding.

It was then considered uncivilized to breastfeed. Queen Victoria commanded her daughters not to partake in such an 'undignified' act. 

And a study in Boston found that 9 out of 10 poor mothers breastfed, but only 17% of wealthy mothers did.

Some mothers found wetnurses to feed their infants.

Thank heavens we have come to our senses and know that mother's milk, whenever possible, is the healthiest choice.